Each condominium is different, each part-owner as well.

VIP Realty Managers is your associate to support the building, maintain and manage your property professionally.

A professional management

- Investments
- Cost control
- Improved services
- Yearly Budget
- Bank accounts
- Technical Documentation
- Follow up and control of the providers
- Condominium employees: training and management

Appointments : Your VIP RM Agency will keep you updated about the visits of your property. That way, you can always transmit your feedback, remarks or questions directly, they are very important to us. Being closer to you is our target.

Legal updates : The VIP RM Agency informs you about related legal changes, that's the way to better answer your questions and attend to your needs. Your property providers are chosen carefully by VIP RM Agency, they are an important key to maintain your property in good condition. We assure a close follow-up of this matter.

A detailed payments statement : The presentation of VIP RM documents is clear and simple. We assure that all documents delivered will be useful and comprehensible. We do consider all concerns of each owner, that's our goal, to be available at all times and satisfy all our customers.