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Sale of properties : Currently there are not restricting laws for foreigners to buy a real estate property in the Dominican Republic. Before, the Decree no. 2543 (1945) required to obtain previously an authorization when foreigners wanted to sale their properties, that regulation no longer exists.  The current regulation for this transactions is the Decree no. 21-98 (1998). Related taxes to property sales vary from 3.5% to 4.5% over the selling price. These taxes, called “Impuesto de Transferencia”, are mandatory and can be settle in a one-time payment. 

REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES AND DEATH DUTIES : Foreigners may inherit real estate properties in the Dominican Republic. In the other hand, if they are not residents in the country, death duties are increased around 50%.When buying a real estate property, we strongly recommend to do it through a company, that’s the way to avoid this kind of taxes, as companies are under different regulation.With 9 million population, the young and dynamic Dominican government has made many political, social and economic reforms, opening the country to foreign investors.The Dominican Republic has signed many International agreements and protocols, like the Lomé Convention. the Caribbean Bassin Initiative and CARICOM (observer).