Lease Management Las Terrenas VIP Realty Managers

If you are an owner and would like to improve the management of your property, VIP RM assures the profit of your investment.

To better satisfy your expectations, VIP RM proposes you a full range of services to manage your long or short term lease. Because of our long experience in Las Terrenas and our perfect knowledge of the local market, our team will guide you to get the right price, in order to rent your property promptly.

VIP RM will not only manage your property but will prepare also all paperwork to guarantee the right interest of both parts, owner and lease. Our commitment to transparency and reliability, your satisfaction is our goal. Our services and your rights are guaranteed in writing in the Management Contract.

Clear writen commitments: Because for us, your satisfaction is a priority, you will have in your possession written management mandate specifying point by point the benefits you can have.

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